Professional Painting in Nashville, IN

While based in Bloomington, Indiana, Hayes Family Painting provides much of the their services to Nashville, Indiana and surrounding areas. We can’t help but find ourselves drawn to the beautiful landscape and quirky atmosphere of Nashville which is partially why we are always on board to take on professional painting jobs in the area. And it’s not just the visual aspects of Nashville that we love, but the people of Nashville. With its laid back country atmosphere and fun nightlife and music scene, we cant help but be attracted to contributing to its upkeep. My father and I are also both lovers of bluegrass and bluegrass musicians; living in Telluride, CO, we were privy to some of the best bluegrass acts in the country which developed our love of the genre. So even by that alone, you could easily see why we would be drawn to Nashville, IN.

Working with such well-respected, local companies as Voils Construction and Nashville House has really helped us get our foot in the door and start working within the area that we love so much. Our hope for the future is that we expand further into this community, helping to beautify and preserve many of historic homes and landmarks for generations to come so the incredible atmosphere of Nashville remains unchanged.

We also understand that, while many of the people who reside in Nashville have enough money to contract routine maintenance for their properties and businesses, it can be a stretch for some. That is why we strive to make all of our services and contracts very transparent so that you understand exactly what you are paying for and you aren’t getting any painting services that you don’t want or can’t afford. We hold a very honest approach with our customers about the services offered at the time of the initial proposal. As everybody knows, there are a lot of contractors and professional services in general that will rope customers into a larger service package than is needed in an attempt to price gouge. That is why choosing the most honest painting contractor is best way to ensure you get the best value. While a contractor may give you bid that may be lower than ours initially, eventually they can strong-arm you into paying more for other services by basically saying that your building will fall down if you don’t pay them to fix it. On the other side of the coin, many contractors will tell you initially that if you don’t tear half of your house down and rebuild it, there is nothing they can do to help. At Hayes Family Painting, we strive to bridge that gap so that we can offer our customers everything they need, and nothing that they don’t need.

Another point of pride for us is our vast product knowledge. There is nothing worse than paying a professional painter to work on a project then having the paint peel up two years later. That is why we work with top product line representatives in order to ensure durability to all of the work that we do. That combined with our 25 years of combined experience in the world of professional painting keeps us not only using the most up to date products but also the best products suited to your job.

All in all, Hayes Family Painting is continually working to improve the look and preserve the historic beauty of Nashville, IN and the surrounding areas. We believe that in order to preserve the history and sentiment of Nashville, IN, we must do it honestly and properly- to maintain the spirit that it was founded on and still continues to propagate.