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Professional Painting In Bloomington Indiana

As a Bloomington natives we take special care to provide the highest quality painting services for our friends and neighbors. Our professional reputations are literally at stake. To ensure that we give durable finishes we rely on the products and tricks of the trade that separate the professionals from the amateurs. Such tricks as, applying a thin layer of caulk after we tape our lines to ensure that the paint doesn’t bleed under the tape. Or using high adhesion primer for laminate surfaces to keep the paint from scratching off. These are the tricks that not only ensure a good looking paint job, but also ensure a long lasting finish that you don’t have to redo until you want to change the look of it.

We understand that Bloomington has a very diverse population so we strive to provide appropriate services to every one of our customers in regards to budgetary concerns. To ensure that you get everything you pay for and nothing you don’t want to pay for our invoices and contract guides are very simple and written in plain english. We believe that the best solution isn’t always to start everything from the ground up in order to get it right. Which is where most painters and most trade professionals try to rope you into larger service packages. Our company tries to find the wiggle room that allows you to get a good quality job without spending money on unnecessary procedures. This is why our company continually provides the best prices in Bloomington and the surrounding area. We don’t push our customers into anything that we don’t think they need. For example, if you have a hole in a wall some contractors would have you replace the entire wall rather than putting plaster over the area.

When my father and i built our company in Colorado in 2001 we thought we could introduce a more friendly, family approach to contracting work, to provide a more comfortable atmosphere and relationship to the families that we served. We understand that it is difficult to allow a stranger into your home for any amount of time. So we take the steps to introduce ourselves and our employees and let you get a feel for our operations before you make the choice. If we dont trust them, we dont hire them, and we hope that in time you will grow to trust us and our employees as well.

While it may seem like the process of professional painting has remained unchanged for many years, it is, in reality, changing very quickly. Every year new products and methods of application are being introduce to the professional community. It is our job, as professional painters, to figure out what actually works to attain a better product and what is there just to sell new products. Though many of the methods that professional painters have used for decades have remained viable some have become obsolete and slow. What we do for our customers in Bloomington, and surrounding areas, is take the best of the new and the best of the old to, hopefully, give the best job at the best price. Maintaining our high standards of professional quality, without the drawbacks of a rushed paint job.

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